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FEDON's PRODUCTS Focusing always to the 'Quality' in combination with an investing management culture, the company tries always to be at the top in the market of industrial bakery and confectionery in Greece.

'FEDON' produces traditional Cookies, Cookies filled with marmalade or cocoa cream, various types of Breadsticks, Sandwich cookies (Petit foures), Chocolate sweets, puff pastry Palmiers and Twists, Coconut cakes, Greek brioches, Sesame and nut bars, Croutons, Cakes and finally a complete range of traditional seasonal Greek confectionery products for Christmas and Eastern. The company, from the beginning of 2008, has launched in the market a range of Organic Cookies under the brand 'BIOFEDON'.
Quality Control - Quality assurance systems

The " FEDON " implements in detail quality assurance systems IFS, BRC, ISO 22000 and ISO 9001: 2000. Proper implementation and maintenance of quality systems certified by the competent German certification body TUV